Kantanka Manufactures Automated Tap and Hand Dryer

This post features two main items which was manufactured by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo that can be reviewed and commercialized to help in the curb of the spread of the the latest pandemic . It includes, Kantanka Automatic taps and Kantanka automatic hand driers.

Kantanka Automatic tap:

This tap has a sensor that picks signals from people. Once you place your hands under the tap, it automatically opens and water flows. After washing the hands, the water automatically stops flowing.

This tap is very helpful in promoting hygiene. When you turn a tap to wash your hands, the germs and dirt on your hand gets to the tap and after washing you touch the tap again to close it.

By doing so you pick back the dirt and germs. The Kantanka automatic tap relieves you of this problem. The Kantanka automatic tap

  1. Lasts long
  2. Prevents the spread of contagious diseases
  3. Promotes hygiene

Kantanka Automatic Hand Dryer:

This device is used for drying wet hands. After washing hands, place them underneath the dryer and it is automatically switched on. After drying, remove your hands and it automatically goes off.

The Kantanka automatic hand dryer is designed with a high performance Kantanka sensor and a high-speed Kantanka motor. Unlike other hand dryers, it dries hands quicker and makes less noise.

It is also energy-efficient making it possible to cut down your electricity bill. The dryer is very hygienic and durable.


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