Apostle Kwadwo Safo is a Ghanaian pastor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, innovator and inventor.

He was born on August, 26 1948 at Asumanya in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He initially became known in Ghana as the founder of Kristo Asafo, Christ Reformed Church (now Kristo Asafo, Mission of Ghana) which he founded in 3rd February 1971.

His Church which adheres to worship on Saturday as the Sabbath day is known for philanthropic activities.

The Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana holds annual fairs where agro products, technological inventions which includes various electronic items such as automobile, sophisticated machines including gadgets like Televisions and Radios which could be operated just by the wave of the hand are shown to the public.

He leapfrogged into the provision of vehicles under the Kantanka brand. (Kantanka is the Akan nickname for people named Safo). The vehicles are being produced under a new company named Kantanka Automobile Company Ltd.

His automobile company began commercial production of the vehicle for the Ghanaian market in early 2015 after final certification from Ghana’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, ( DVLA) and other state agencies.

Through his works of philanthropy and Technology, he has won many titles and certifications which include two Doctorate honours, an Engineering honour and a recent one which is a Professor Emeritus conferred on him by the Alfred Nobel University from Ukraine.

His royal kingship name “Odeneho” adds up to all this titles making him Odeneho Apostle Professor Emeritus Doctor Doctor Engineer Kwadwo Safo Kantanka.


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