Blogger Nana Kobena Safo Nelson with media name Official Safo has said critics of Kantanka’s latest inventions should bow in shame for they have no idea what their critics was about.

According to Official Safo, Apostle Safo ending the year was working tirelessly to make an impact on the country and Africa by manufacturing two Kantanka cars among produces of organic foods whiles pastors of all knowing critics were busily prophesying about 2020 election results and deaths of people.

“Why do you leave your pastors who are causing fear to the country in the name God and criticize someone who is trying to change a cause” he quizzes.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo at the 39th Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana Annual Technology & Agricultural Exhibition launched a new 40ft Aeroplane car and Kantanka police protection car named “Kantanka Mo” and “Kantanka Okofo) respectively”.

There after many Ghanaians envyingly criticized the hugeness of the Kantanka Mo car and started agitating for the manufacturing of smaller cars.


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