The Rainbow Success Story About Apostle Safo Kantanka You Must Believe

A circular rainbow was formed around Prof. Emeritus Apostle Dr. Dr. Engr. Kwadwo Safo at his hometown Ashanti Assumanya in the Ashanti region of Ghana following his 2019 birthday celebration with residents of his community.

Earlier, Apostle Safo has stated emphatically over the years some unprecedented moment which had happened before, during and after his birth.

Some among these amazing scenes includes a strike of a lightening leading to a formation of a rainbow, how people bow before carrying him at his childhood and among others which will be published soon.

This year’s birthday celebration at Ashanti Assumanya kept people startle as a rainbow appears four times above Apostle Safo.

The first formation appeared upon arrival of the Star of Africa at the gathering, the second when seated, third when addressing the gathering and the last when leaving.

It was a must see moment when the whole audience threw their eyes in the sky to witness the colorful circular rainbow formed around the sun.

It is now a must believe that a rainbow was formed around Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka at childbirth and He is a Superhuman.



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