As the twenty-first century progresses young individuals are becoming more mindful of the way they dress and present themselves.

This emerging demographic of fashionably aware consumers is reported to be spending more of their earnings and energy on fashion wear.

Growing interest in fashion apparel have given the contemporary market momentum. Furthermore, an increasingly diverse number of fashion initiatives in Africa are aiming to reach the under-served young individuals consumer base. in an open conversation with Jeremiah Obuobi, an Award Winning Ghanaian Fashion entrepreneur and the Product and Footwear Designer of OBJ Clothing has it that, the focus is selling a brand that will stand the test of time even after his generation and several others are long gone.

“Africa does not have an ace brand compared to the likes of the Gucci’s and the Channels.” – he added.

He is visioned teaming up with a bigger brands to manufacturer and learn the strategies to be able to establish a shoe factory or a sports and casual fashion brand from Africa to inspire the youth on the Africa continent to learn and create brands that are world-class in nature.

The focus is also to put out footwear and fashion products that have familiar designs and motifs of the people from the continent in a way selling the continent as it were.

About Jeremiah Obuobi

Jeremiah Obuobi is currently completing his second degree in Jewellery and Metal Smithing at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

His graduate school project was a Mini Hand machine he developed to make embossed logos on leather, and his masters project is focused on developing a safe and easy way to make metal tags for fashion designers and other metal product designers.

He developed 3D prototypes of casual OBJ.CL sneakers online and thus got him attracted to the Sci-Tech TV programme crew in Congo Brazzaville on their Africa News Channel.

His focus is to draw attention to the general public about the OBJ Clothing street fashion brand, the Tema Mades II sneakers which is yet to hit the market and the need for capable and ambitious people to support him to do more research and development and investors to support him to establish a solid brand that would be a household name and become inspiration to the youth and also generate income to all stakeholders.


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