The Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu, Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa wants the government to respond to claims contained in a CNN documentary that children are being sold into work for $250 on Ghana’s Volta Lake.

The report, quoting an International Labour Organisation report said there are 20,000 children working for slave masters on the Volta Lake.

Mr Ablakwah in a post on social media appeared alarmed that government was allowing the documentary to run without a response, a development he said could have ramifications for Ghana’s international image.

“It’s obvious Government’s entire focus this week has been on its grand diversionary strategy with that alleged leaked tape following Anas’ latest revelations; however, Government should now turn attention to this. It would be a fatal mistake not to closely assess the claims by CNN,” Mr Ablakwa wrote in a Facebook post.

However, he maintained that he had his doubts about the number of children who were enslaved.

“Reports of this nature can have far-reaching ramifications if not strongly challenged when the claims are disputable or adequately responded to in terms of Government’s remedial measures, that is, if we concede that truly 20,000 children live in SLAVERY on the Volta Lake though I honestly have my doubts.

“Silence must not be an option”.

The documentary titled ‘Troubled Waters’ claims that children aged under 15 years are sold for as low as $250 in Kete-Krachi in the Oti region of Ghana.

The boys work for fishermen who they call “master”.

Read his entire post below;

The CNN special report on “child slavery” in Ghana continues to air without any official response from Government. Not even a request for the “raw unedited footage.”

This report cannot be good for our international image.


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