Musician A-Plus Says Government Should Reopen The Economy For Business

Musician Kwame A-Plus is calling on President Akuffo Addo to reopen the economy back to normal.

A-Plus in a Facebook post stated that the covid-19 have been in existence when people weren’t aware of the virus.

He shared that “…From day one I made my position very clear. I told you that this thing has been in Ghana since November. I had it. My friends had it. My family had it. Cast your mind back. Did you experience a severe flue, dry cough and fever between november and February? You may have had it.

The thing came and left before the lockdown. Though I appreciate the government and the president’s efforts to save lives, I think this thing has been overhyped. If it would have killed us like we are making it look, we will all have died before it was given a name because it was with us.

Businesses have collapsed. Ease the restrictions. Open the economy. Let final year students go to school at least. It was here before Christmas. We did know. We didn’t die. Now we know. We will wear mask, wash our hands and practice social distancing. Reopen the economy now!!!”


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