Mobile Money Vendors Fingered As Perpetrators Of MoMo Fraud

A representative of the MTN Group of Swedru/Winneba zone in the Central region has identified major negative actions of some Mobile money vendors that’s breeding the rise of mobile money fraud in Ghana.

According to Mr Joe Kole, MTN in an attempt to curb the menace is backsliding because their vendors aren’t helping enough with the provided measures and guidelines their educated on.

He said “if we want to fight fraud it should start with all of us” (MoMo vendors or agents).

On a Central region Momo Agent online platform, Mr. Kole identified that no one educated agents to charge when they do MoMo transfers but now it is a general thing.

Lamenting further, he highlighted instances where Agents are now initiating their way of using MoMoPay sims which is supposed to be used at retail shops for safer and secure payments to do cash out and even in some cases attempt splitting transactions for higher commissions.

He admitted that no one trained agents on that but some of them are doing it which is fraudulent.

He said MTN has introduced “No ID” “No transaction” a system that will help fast track fraudsters in case of any triggered fraudulent acts but Agents have managed to ignore such initiative with an unclear statement that their customers are illiterate and the system will complicate their understanding. Meanwhile with same customers agents are making them do things that will only give agents profit but not MTN, he added .

He used the opportunity to advise Agents to end such practices and pray none among the Agents under his watch should fall victim because “the begging and calls won’t push me to beg on your behalf when you know you were doing a wrong thing no MTN staff educated you on.”

He further advised the general public do the right thing to fight fraud together.


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