Very soon, Ghanaians will experience another greatest innovation from the Kantanka industry. As said earlier, the Kantanka company doesn’t only manufacture and assemble cars but a vars range of products.

The company has various production sectors  which cut across Medicine, Agriculture, Electrical and Automobile.

Apostle Safo, the Chairman of the Kantanka company have proven to the world his capability in inventions and innovations by identifying to the public various prototypes of his inventions.

Next to follow up his works onto the Ghanaian market is the Kantanka 5000W power stabilizer.

According to the CEO of Kantanka Group of Companies, the Kantanka 5000W power stabilizer is “Almost done with the finishing.” and will soon hit the market just after its rebranding process which will help meet competition.


  1. I am proud that we have such a wonderful an African and a Ghanaian God gifted person who can produce things that we were taught could have only produced by the Whites. Here we are today, such a wonderful man producing things that the Whites themselves cannot even understand. It’s my prayer that God will bless him with more wisdom and knowledge so that he can help build our country( Ghana) and the whole of Africa. Apostle Safo, the African star!!!!!!!!!!


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