I’m not happy about things eShun said about me – Ex-manager reacts to accusations

Ex-manager of musician eShun Stephen Mensah has said he is not happy about the accusations being thrown at him by the artiste.

However, he said it will not be healthy for him to come out with his counterclaims.

Mr Mensah told Dr Pounds on Hitz Gallery that his side of the story and whatever happened between them is private and should remain so.

“She has said a lot of things…I don’t want to respond…I don’t think it will be helpful. I am not happy about the things she said about me but why would I want to do the same thing?” he quizzed.

He stated that he believed in the ‘Akyia’ hitmaker’s brand and does not want to destroy it with allegations and accusations.

“eShun is an amazing singer. Why would I want to go around that issue? Dr Pounds I would beg you to leave it alone… I will never be involved in anything that brings the eShun brand down,” he added.

eShun in an interview with ZionFelix accused her former manager of verbally abusing, blackmailing and emotionally torturing her while they were dating. 

She said her ex-lover contracted a supposed prophet, to cast doom prophecies about her anytime she thought of breaking up with him.

eShun also mentioned that Stephen was actually her fiancé who was sponsoring her music rather than a manager.

She had also accused Stephen Mensah of forcefully taking over her social media pages and demanding ¢120,000 to release them. 


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