Dropping Your Sp3rm Outside Your Woman During S3x Increases High Risk of Prostrate Cancer – Oheneba

Oheneba Ntim Berima is advising Men to be careful about a practice which dominate mostly during s3xual intercourse.

Oheneba was speaking on Kantanka TV’s newly launched morning show “Fontonfrom”, when he advised that men should never drop their sp3rm outside their women during s3x.

According to Oheneba the practice increases the risk of the man getting prostrate cancer.

He said most men does that for fear of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Oheneba is in the nutshell is advising people to put a stop to enjoy a better s3x life and healthy living.

The scientific term is Coitus Interruptus- a withdrawal or the pull-out method during ejaculation.

Watch video below,


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