Can-Do Spirit Of Apostle Safo Kantanka Worth Emulating

Religious groups all over the world provide spiritual guidance to help their followers make it through this life and the hereafter.

People are very particular about their religion because it offers hope, solace and the strength to face the daunting challenges of life. For this reason, people go to all lengths to satisfy the demands of the faith-based organisations to which they belong.

The Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, a church founded and headed by Apostle Kwadwo Safo, has, meanwhile, decided not to focus only on the spiritual needs of society but also delve into the social well-being of the people in a very unique way through technology.

Since its inception almost 40 years ago, the church has engaged in numerous charitable causes by donating money and items to the vulnerable in society.

Yesterday, the Daily Graphic carried a story about the unveiling of two technological innovations by the Kristo Asafo Mission.

One thing which is unique about the Kristo Asafo Mission is its technological wing, the Kantanka Automobile Company Limited, which organises the annual exhibitions of its products. For the past 39 years, the mission has held annual exhibitions, at which it showcases machinery and technological innovations that have held people spellbound.

The church, through Apostle Safo, has manufactured technological equipment for many sectors, including agricultural, energy, medical, automobile, marine and even aerospace.

The Daily Graphic is pleased to know that the critical goal of the church is not only to help people develop spiritually but also emancipate the African continent through technology.

For us, Apostle Safo’s can-do spirit for accelerated national development is what endears him to the nation and which needs to be emulated. No nation can develop if its citizens lack the can-do spirit and have zero commitment to the national development agenda.

Looking at Apostle Safo’s working culture, he comes across as a person who places a lot of focus on the positives of life, instead of dwelling on the negatives.

From this, it can be seen that right attitudes such as encouraging one another, loyalty, discipline and hard work should be the focus of every good citizen.

But before this can yield the needed dividend, there is the need for a change of mind-set and attitude for all Ghanaians to eradicate negative attitudes such as fear, discouragement and selfishness, while efforts are made to promote the sustainable development of the country.

Apostle Safo, from his corner, is striving and seeking to project the image of Ghana and Africa on the global stage for the world to realise that the African is also capable of using his or her brains to invent new things and innovate.

Nevertheless, for him to make the necessary national and global impact, he will require the support of all.

Low patronage of his inventions and products can be very worrying. We note that even though the government is patronising more Kantanka vehicles, the flagship automobile products of the church, more could be done to support the church in its technological drive.

If Kantanka products are purchased on a large scale, it will benefit the country immensely, as it will lead to the provision of more employment opportunities for the people and boost economic growth.

The government can also invest in Kantanka Automobile or provide soft loans for the company because the automobile industry is a huge one, with lots of opportunities for economic growth.

The church, for its part, must also focus and place premium on the local needs of the people. Producing goods that are beyond the reach of most Ghanaians will not be helpful and so it will always be good if the needs of the citizenry are taken into consideration and factored in the line of production.

The Kristo Asafo Mission has set out to use technology to propel the development of Ghana and the African continent and we all must support the mission to succeed.


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