The new Kantanka Omama 2017 model has proven the ability to deliver extra power, fuel economy efficiency and less emissions. The car has a spectacular human-machine interface with unique classic style.

This car is built to reduce frequency of maintenance and operational cost. The car comes with an engine capacity of 1.9 Turbo-Charge Direct Injector (TDI) with fuel consumption of 7.8 liters covering 100km per hour.

The car has a unique ECU monitor, Bluetooth system, USB/AUX interface, Adjustable steering wheel and with its effective climate control stereo system, your quality will be felt.

Be of yourself and own the driving experience with Kantanka Omama luxury pickup by paying full payment upfront, or agreeing to the company’s payment installment policy.

The company has a first class customer services with a very great flexible payment terms including free number plate licensing, mobile after sale servicing, three (3) years or 100,000 km on road and a personal mechanical engineer for services until your dealership with Kantanka Automobile is due.

Source: kantankaautomobile


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