Pesticides and their associated extensive problems are particularly examined and research indicates the negative impact it has on human health and the atmosphere.

In January 2013 Maryvonne Ollivry stated a phrase and I quote “More people have died because of chemicals than during World War II”.

Today in history, a leading player in the Ghana-based agribusiness space, Apostle Safo has invented an organic agro-chemical product that helps crop yielding and pest control.

The Kantanka agro-chemicals is made from the waste of Tilapia – a common freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes, salts, herbs and ashes.

The Kantanka organic pesticide and weedicide prevent pest and reduces weed populations amongst crops and as well can be sprayed or used without any protective devices since the product has no harmful effect.

The product was first used on Apostle Safo’s farm at “Odembo” in the Central region of Ghana proving out a great revolution for Ghana’s agric sector.

It is believed that, the latest innovation by Apostle will help curb the emanating disorders resulted from the usage of other agro-chemicals in Africa and the world at large.


  1. Please l saw your weed control education on your television which I am interested to use them. If l will have the privilege to knowledge of how made the or where to get the chemical. Thanks


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