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ALLEGED: Twitter User Heads Kantanka Automobile To Court

This Ghanaian spent 10 months ‘begging’ for retweets to win a Ghana made car; now lawyers are trying to test the law after Kantanka’s disclaimer after he reached his 30K retweet target.

Jude Osei, a Ghanaian who lives in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city wanted to go big. With the trend making waves in all parts of the world, Jude who used to work with a construction company decided to go local with his quest.

“I wanted to give it a try and I decided to choose a local brand because I felt the need to support my own,” Jude tells Pulse.com.gh.

With a lot of brands in Ghana not having the verification ticker in Ghana, Jude’s method was simple. He typed Kantanka in the engine and a few accounts popped up. ‘Kantanka_daily’ was the first and after a few analysis, he found out the page had the highest number of followers with over 12K. So, he went along with it and made his request.

The Ghanaian known on Twitter as @godfather_gh made sure he at least completed on side of the whole deal, his side. Kwaw Kesse’s request for 5K retweets to release a new song also served as a motivation for Jude. With people trolling the Ghanaian musician for taking over a week to accumulate 5000 retweets, Jude felt he was not alone and the only thing that could get him to the 30,000 target was to forget the trolls and have in mind what was at stake, a car.

Before Jude reached his target, he went back to the account he had made the request but was ghosted.  The sadness, however, changed when the reactions from Ghana Twitter started coming in following him reaching his target despite Kantanka Automobile releasing a disclaimer:

“Disclaimer: Kantanka Automobile @Kantanka Automobile @KantankaAuto wish to inform the general public about this post circulating on social media is a hoax. Kantanka Automobile @KantaankaAuto will not be responsible for any liability on the part of the public should this Disclaimer be ignored.”

The Law

Jude Osei’s case with Kantanka Automobile is not going anywhere soon. Beacon Law Consult, a Ghanaian law firm has taken up the case ‘to test the law on matters of these nature’.

The firm, that has already sent a demand notice to Kantanka Automobile Co. Ltd. In a letter dated February 28, 2019, Beacon Law Consult wrote:

“None of your twitter handles is verified and that is very instructive. We freely offer the advice that when by your own act and or omission you have intentionally and deliberately caused or permitted our Client to believe the promise to be true and to act upon the same, the promise is deemed sacrosanct and its truth thereof is conclusively presumed against you and your privies.

“In the circumstances, we are instructed to demand, which we hereby do, that you deliver to our Client the vehicle as promised within 14 days of your receipt of this letter.”

In an interview with Pulse.com.gh Jude Osei’s lawyer, Felix Nana Osei Esq. said:

“It is a good move to test the law on matters of these nature. Of course, that is why we have institutions established. 

“Whether companies will allow their products to be advertised by so-called 3rd parties without issuing out disclaimer timeously. Our courts would have to consider such vital issues when they come up for determination.

“Our client is resolute and has a strong conviction for its case. Let’s ride!,” the Senior Associate at Beacon Law Consult concluded.

On lawyers taking up this case, Jude talks about how confident they are and think it’s worth it. 

“My lawyers are very confident and all pumped up. They think it is a good fight, therefore, it should be fought,” he adds.

Jude Osei feels proud irrespective of the outcome. For him, he created awareness with over 30,000 retweets and reached over 1.6 million people across the world. On the lighter side, he plans to be a ‘Twitter Uber’ if he does win because a lot of Twitter folks had a hand in it.

Content sourced: pulse.com.gh

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