2020 Alert: Mobile-Money Fraudsters Introduce New Scheme

Fraudsters have introduced new ways of scamming mobile money vendors in broad day light. A situation which is on the rise within various communities.

At first they will visit a vendor point to initiate a transaction. At the agent point, they will ask if the vendor will be able to send an amount of GHC1000 and above.

If the vendor is capable of sending such an amount, they will initially give out the exact amount packed in an envelope to the vendor.

In the process after the vendor has recounted and confirmed the received money from the scammers and undertaking the transaction processes, they will keep insisting the vendor calls out the name of the recipient while they call to verify – but the call never goes through.

Later part of the transaction when the vendor has called out the name of the recipient, these scammers will then claim that isn’t the name on the mobile number they are sending the money too.

In the process, they end up collecting back the money from the vendor.

Few seconds later, they then confirms to the vendor that he/she should send the money as they have confirmed the name of the recipient.

In a haste, the agent performs the transaction, ends up not recounting again the received money in the presence of the scammers and just after the transaction is successful, they takes to their heels.

Before the vendor realizes the second received envelope is filled with GHC1 notes only summing up to GHC100.

With this brief info OfficialSafo’s Blog is advising the general public to stay alert about the new scheme in order not to fall victims.

Source: kantanka.net/officialsafo


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